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Pipeline Management, Inc is a global real estate investment expert that understands local needs.

Since it was founded, Pipeline Management, Inc. has morphed into one of the largest and most qualified investment firms in Philadelphia.

The company is acknowledged as a leading partner within the real estate in Allentown, Pittsburgh, Scranton, and Eerie.

United’s hallmark is the delivery of solutions that are personalized to match the client’s needs using strategies that have been demonstrated to provide the highest risk adjusted returns.

They partner with each client with the aim of understanding their assets and financial goals and provide support by handling most of the daily activities which use a lot of time and resources.

United is exclusively focused on investments in specific niches, including; first-time home buyers, renting, buying, property management and condos. These core services help property owners and investors of all kinds whether it’s in the home market or in the rental business.

Property Management | Renting, Selling & Buying a House

First time home buyers

Todays first-time home buyers are cut out from a different cloth compared to those from a couple of generations ago. According to statistics, millennials form the biggest percentage of first-time home buyers in the United States.

Millennials are known to be minimalists who do not mind living in smaller spaces than their forefathers who preferred larger houses. Moreover, this group is struggling with rising mortgage prices, high house prices and student.

Pipeline Management, Incunderstands the various needs of first-time home buyers and supports each one throughout the important process of owning their first homes. This includes helping clients identify, acquire and manage the best homes.


United Victory House’s team comes with decades of experience in local markets and rentals. The company owns and manages a wide range of property, and thus, understand the importance of every client’s portfolio.

United has years of experience dealing with tenants from all levels of society, from corporate executives to students. They employ in-depth market analysis of the client’s property to ensure the rent charged is deserved and profitable. They also work hard to find the proper tenant for each property with all applicants being carefully screened and leases that cover all details.

United also offers marketing, bookkeeping, maintenance and renovation services. To ensure the needs  of tenants are always taken care of, the firm provides all its tenants with an access to a property manager.

Services – Property Management | Renting, Selling & Buying a House


Pipeline Management, Increduces buying and selling property into an simple task thanks to its prominent professional team and intimate knowledge of the Philadelphia real estate market.

The company uses a bespoke suite of real estate marketing, advertising, management and financial solutions to provide clients with access the best property listings in Philadelphia.

The company treats its clients to on-demand investment property valuations, investment performance modeling and complementary real estate wealth advise that helps clients make the most out of their investments.

Property management

Property management is a complex niche in real estate, owing to the high amount of supervision of assets required on financial, legal and strategic terms. Pipeline Management, Incfocuses on hands-on long-term real estate strategies to ensure sustainable returns.

The company manages a substantial real estate portfolio throughout the suburban Philadelphia area. Their qualified associates are bent on offering customized service that delivers bottom-line results regardless of the size of the property.

Besides managing the physical and operational features of every property, United also continuously tracks existing market values and deeply examine how they affect their clients’ assets. As a result, they make informed decisions and offer sound advice.


United provides a full range of property management services to clients in order to meet everyone’s needs. Their goal is to make investing in property as stress free and profitable as it can get. From multi-unit homes to condos, United can manage all the physical and financial attributes that entail acquiring and managing a condo.

The company takes care of all details including rent collections and even following-up on late payments. In case you need to appear before the Landlord and Tenant Board in an unlikely event that it is needed, Pipeline Management, Incwill represent you.